Thursday, July 5, 2007


I am going to play Andy Rooney for a minute and spout off about things that are on my mind. They are stated below in no particular order.

At Monday's City Council meeting Councilman Gahan questioned the Sewer Board's renewing the EMC contract without considering other bids. According to the Tribune, Steve Tolliver of Aqua Utility Services tried to present his company's proposals but was ignored.

I agree with Mr. Gahan, Mr. Price and Mr. Coffey. The Sewer Board should have considered other options before signing another contract with EMC. How do we know we got the best deal? I don't think a few people should decide on their own what is best for New Albany.

Chris, the editor of New Albany Eyesores Blog had a great idea. He wants to name a walking path along the river or part of the sportspark on Budd Rd. after Officer Frank Denzinger. He got the "run around" from City Hall but the idea is certainly worth considering.

Speaking of great ideas, Thornton's will be selling Tribute T shirts featuring the names of officers Denzinger and White. They are selling for a very reasonable $10.00 each with most of the proceeds going to the Denzinger and White families.

Today's Tribune featured an article concerning farmers and the stormwater fees. It seems the farmers will be assessed a fee for every square foot of impervious surfaces such as roofs and pavements. The farmers are crying foul, and rightfully so. Why should a small business owner such as a farmer be charged along the same lines as big box stores? I believe the Commissioners will be able to work out a deal that makes sense.

Mayoral Candidate England wants to build a new firehouse in the West End of New Albany. All I can say is that it's about time. We West End residents were robbed of our fire station when the waste treatment plant was expanded. Thank you, Mr. England for believing that our neighborhood is worth saving in case of a fire.

On another note, I could kick myself for not being more involved and attending the meeting when the location of the solid waste plant was chosen.

Scooter Libby may have to serve some time before his sentence can be suspended. George Bush thinks a few months in a low level security facility is too harsh for a person who puts some one's life in danger by revealing her name, but 10 years plus in prison is not too severe for border patrol agents who were trying to arrest a drug smuggler. Bush must be the most out of touch person in the entire universe.

And finally, Libertarian Thomas Keister is running against Steve Price and Brenda Scharlow in the 3rd District Council race. I read his blog but did not understand what he was trying to say. Maybe it's me. At any rate I don't think Steve Price needs to worry about being re-elected.