Sunday, August 5, 2007


Friday, August 3, I was one of the few people who attended the committee meeting regarding the new contracts with EMC.

The committee was chaired by Councilman Gahan and included Councilmen Coffey and Schmidt.

Several questions were asked among the three members which do make one wonder. Here are a few samples:

Why was the Sewer Board contract signed with EMC when there is still six months remaining on the present contract?

Why did the current Sewer Board members sign this contract before the election? (Especially with the knowledge that three of the current council members will not be returning.)

If the contract with EMC was for management only, why are they using the city's trucks?

How could the Stormwater Board operate for 18 months without a budget?

Why did they also sign a contract with EMC?

I want to urge everyone to attend the council meeting tomorrow night and see if we can find answers to these questions.

Remember these people are elected officials and are accountable to US the citizens of New Albany.

See you tomorrow night.