Friday, December 31, 2010


As 2010 comes to a close I have been doing a little reminiscing.  It was a good year for some and a bad year for many.  Our economy is still in a mess, we are fighting two wars and may even be involved  in a third one soon if North Korea has it''s way.

And on the local scene we have had a tough year too.  I went back and checked out old articles and have listed the  topics in sort of a chronological order.  I'll keep my comments to a minimum but invite everyone to add their own.

  • Flooding was a major problem for residents in several ares of town.  The sewers and storm drains were cleaned out and this seemed to have helped.
  • Sewer rate increases:  We didn't want this to happen but it passed anyway.
  • Delinquent sewer bills. Some progress has been made but we still have a long way to go.
  • Annexation.  Put off another year.
  • LOIT tax. Another unpopular topic.
  • Historic Preservation, the commission was saved.  But we will always have controversy.
  • Grant for the S. Ellen Jones/Midtown neighborhood.  Dilapidated homes are being repaired or torn down and more local residents are being employed to help.
  • Combine the 911 city and county call centers. 
  • P.O.P. more concentrated police presence in various areas of town.  Seems to be working, especially with the 20 arrests on the apartment complex on Green Valley Rd.
  • Globe Mechanical expanding and adding 40 jobs.
  • The election.
  • Bridge tolls.  Why can't they just build the east end bridge and see what happens? 
  • New Albany's Budget.
Here's hoping that 2011 finds everyone working and living in safe warm homes with plenty of food.  I know that is not possible but let's see how close we can come.

        NEW ALBANY !!!!!!