Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The City Plan Commission held their regular meeting tonight. It was a full house in the third floor assembly room.

The atmosphere was cheerful and hopeful, personally I can't quit smiling. The subject of my glee is Docket A-02-09. Basically "Scribner Place II: Path to Progress".

Mr. Tipperman, an Architect, used two full color illustrations on large boards to show developers and the public what could happen in this area just west of Scribner Place to East 6th St. There are different proposals for each block and this is an example, and it is very interesting and exciting.
  • Just west of the "Y" will be a recreation area, possibly a water park.
  • East of the "Y" a developer is interested in a two block area for a parking garage, plaza and high rise condos.
  • In the area of East Third and Bank another developer is interested in mixed use development including retail space and condos.
  • Another developer is interested in installing a light rail system connecting New Albany to Clarksville, Jeffersonville, and even Louisville.
Another speaker, Mr. Putney (sp) is working with Jack Bobo on a three level parking garage, which will be mostly underground. On top will be a plaza containing office space and resturaunts of all types and menus. The prices will vary from the simple fast food to elegent dining. Or people could just walk around all of the levels and terraces and not spend a dime.

The residential area will have units ranging in size from approx. 600 sf to 5,000 sf. Each unit will have a patio or a deck. The total residential area will be from 160,000 sf to over 200,000 sf. with the commercial property consisting of around 120,000 sf. The first and possibly second levels will be office space and the upper levels will be residential.

Developer Mike Kopp spoke of how New Albany is flourishing, even in these tough times. He noted that 50 businesses have opened in the last 21 months bring in $7,000,000 in purchase money and $3,000,000 in renovations. He went on to say that people want to live here, and invest here.

Gina Coyle expressed concern over enviromental issues and the cost of cleaning the brownfield, and the sewer and sanitaion concerns. Scott Wood said that all of these concerns are being taken care of and keeping the area "green" is a top priority and every effort is being taken to save the enviroment.

This will take a large investment from the city, ie. the taxpayers. Our part will be $12,000,000 for the parking garage and part of the plaza. But private investors have already pledged $70,000,000 to this project. These people are serious.

Mr. Carl Malysz asked me if I was excited and happy. My first reaction was that we need to put Louisville to shame. Let's really make New Albany what is was always meant to be, the REAL sunny side of the river.


The Floyd County Democrat Women's Club has a different venue for our meetings every month.

We had our September meeting last night at the new Jackson's Fish restaurant at West 4th & Main. Unfortunately the owner thought we would be meeting on the 15th instead of the 14th. When I arrived the place was packed. As it turned out we had to rearrange a few tables as soon as they were vacated and form a row of three tables to accommodate our crowd. As it would happen we had a large turnout for our meeting.

We still had a wonderful time and great food. I highly recommend this restaurant, it is very reasonable and everything is new and shiny.

Again, I just can't get over how things have improved in good ole' NA in the last couple of years. Everyone agreed last night that Jeffersonville has nothing on us.