Monday, January 12, 2009


Rep. Baron Hill had another ceremonial inauguration Saturday, January 10. I attended again as I had in 2007 and was happy and proud to be able to attend.

His speech in 2007 was a little more about himself and the 9th District. He promised to listen to his constituents and carry out his promises.

This time his speech was a little more about the country as a whole. He discussed the bailout of the lending institutions which he rightfully opposed. He talked about how people came up to him as he marched in last year's Harvest Homecoming Parade and thanked him for listening to their concerns. He also touched on our new president-elect. He defended his decision to endorse Mr. Obama even though the majority of the people in Southern Indiana love Hillary. He also loves Hillary, whom he said will be a great Secretary of State, but he endorsed the person who he thought was best fitted to be the leader of the free world. He talked about how many other members of other countries are pleasantly surprised at our choice of a president.

I have always been a Hillary Clinton supporter but I did vote for Barack Obama in the general election. He promised a better life for people like myself and my family and I believed him and still do. After hearing Baron talk along the same lines I felt very uplifted. It was so good to hear a positive message after the last eight years.

After the meeting the crowd gathered around Baron to congratulate him and wish him well. The other members of Hoosiers for a Commonsense Healthcare Plan were there and we surrounded him and asked him to keep healthcare on the "front burner". He promised that he would. That made us all happy and hopeful again.

Baron Hill is a man of integrity who does keep his promises. Thank you Baron.