Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I don't know if that was the plan but that is basically how last night's city council meeting went. The handful of speakers including myself expressed concern over issues which were mainly tabled until a later meeting. This is the run down:

  • R-09-23 Resolution Confirming the Establishment of an Economic Revitalization Area for Matt Chalfant d/b/a/ Chalfant Industries, Inc. by the Common Council of the City of New Albany. 8-1 Mr. Gahan was the no vote.
  • R09-24 Resolution of the Common Council of the city of New Albany Amending the "New Albany-Fringe area Comprehensive Plan 2020". Mr. Price tabled until he could form a committee with Mr. Gahan and Mr. McLaughlin.
  • A-09-12 Ordinance for Appropriations and Tax Rates. Mrs. Garry wanted a yes vote on the first reading until she goes to Indy to find out more about the 2009 budget. (votes) Ceasar-yes, Price-no, McLaughlin-no,Benedetti-no, Gahan-no,Gonder-no-Messer-yes,Zurschmeide-no,Coffey-no.
  • A-09-13 An Ordinance to Fix the Non-Reverting Budgets For the Year 2010. (votes) Ceasar-yes,Price-no,McLaughlin-no,Benedetti-abstain,Gahan-no,Gonder-yes,Messer-yes,Zurschmeide-no,Coffey-no.
  • A-09-14 An Ordinance Setting Salaries for the Year 2010 for Non Bargaining Unit Employees,. the vote was the same as above except Mrs. Benedetti voted no on this one.
  • G-09-20 Ordinance To Replace A Tabled Ordinance Seeking A Moratorium on Building Permits (Mr. Gonder tabled this Ordinance before so he could consult with the attorney for the council) (votes) Ceasar-yes,Price-yes,McLaughlin-yes,Benedetti-yes,Gahan-no,Gonder-yes,Messer-yes,Zurschmeide-no,Coffey-no.
  • A-09-11 Ordinance Appropriating Funds for One Time Cost Of Living Recognition Payment and Setting Amount Of Payments. Mr. Ceasar tabled this before the 3rd reading despite my argument that the amount is insignificant considering the size of the budget and should be passed.
  • G-09-19 An Ordinance to Reflect Technical Changes Necessary As A Result of An Agreement With the Town of Georgetown. (vote) Ceasar-yes,Price-no,McLaughlin-no,Benedetti-yes,Gahan-no,Gonder-yes,Messer-yes,Zurschmeide-no,Coffey-no. Even after Mr. Stewart's comments the vote failed 5-4.
This was one of the fastest moving meetings on record, even with a full agenda the meeting adjourned before 9:00. Apparently everyone had their mind made up in advance because there was little discussion.

I guess those New Albany High School students will have to come back another time if they want to be entertained.