Thursday, July 10, 2008


My husband, Jim, wrote the following article and asked me to post this for him since his typing skills leave a lot to be desired. Since I wanted to post this article in this decade I typed it myself, but the words are his.

To Mr. Apples & Oranges,

To separate them, you need to know which is which. But in your case, I don't think you do. But we will let the people decide.

You use words so unusual that someone must have to tell you what they mean.

You talk about being physically fit but since you own a hot dog and pizza stand, I don't see how you can eat this food and stay fit.

I don't know if the city gives you a tax break, but the regular people in New Albany don't get one. But the taxes paid by the people of New Albany are what keeps Community Park going, not the taxes paid by people from Louisville.

If you were going to a picnic at Community Park you would probably stop on Grantline Rd. to buy everything you need, but me, I'm not stupid, I would bring everything I need from home.

Your friend,

Jim Baird

Jim didn't mention this, but he did tell me July 4th that if Community Park collected just one dollar from every out of town visitor we would have the funds to pave our streets and do everything else we need to do. I must agree. A water park paid for by the kind citizens of Louisville, what a concept.

BTW I pay taxes for the privilege of working in Louisville.