Thursday, March 6, 2008


This article was forwarded to me. I still cannot believe that it is for real.

"Oregon Holds Health Insurance Lottery"

"By Sarah Skidmore, Associated Press writer"

"The state will start drawing names this week for the chance to enroll in a health care program designed for people not poor enough for Medicaid but too cash-strapped to buy their own insurance.

More than 80,000 people have signed up since registration for the lottery opened in January. Only a few thousand will be chosen for the program.

"It's better than nothing, it's at least a hope," said Shirley Krueger, 61, who signed up the first day.

It's been more than six months since she could afford to take insulin regularly for her diabetes. That puts her at higher risk for a number of complications, such as kidney failure, heart disease and blindness.

Her part time job leaves her ineligible for her employer's insurance plan and with too little income to buy her own.

"I'm worried about it. I know it's a death sentence," Krueger said.

An estimated 600,000 people in Oregon are uninsured, according to the Oregon Department of Human Services.

Those selected in the lottery will be eligible for a standard benefit program, which was once a heralded highlight of the Oregon Health Plan...."

The article goes on to say that the plan covered 132,000 in 1995 but budget cuts in 2004 forced a cutback. I can well imagine how these budget cuts came about. After all we can't take care of our citizens and keep a war going at the same time, can we?

This plan will cover medical, dental and vision needs at little or no cost. Wouldn't it be wonderful if this was available to everyone who is uninsured or under insured?

Readers, please weigh this topic carefully when choosing a presidential candidate to support. People are dying for lack of health care and this is a disgrace for our country.