Wednesday, March 25, 2009


After I got my computer fixed (again) I started reading the various blogs around town yesterday and today. I know it's obvious but we have several intelligent and thoughtful people in our little town. These are some of the great ideas that I "lifted" from other blogs.


John has a good idea for using our EDIT funds. He wants the city to purchase some of those abandoned buildings along Charlestown Rd. including the Colonial Manor shopping center and offering the properties to developers for REdevelopment. With the guidance of the Plan Commission they would be required to REdevelope in a way most beneficial to the entire community in order to make a profit. The EDIT funds would then be returned to the city. This seems like a win-win to me. The EDIT funds will be used by developers anyway, they might as well re-use the empty buildings rather than just build new ones.


Lloyd Wimp has a collection of pictures of trash just sitting by the curb waiting for the city to pick up. Our street department employees said that if we bag up the yard waste they will take care of it, many of us are still waiting. He suggested that the city provide dumpsters for people to take their trash so it won't be left on the streets. The city has not even picked up the yard waste from their own tree trimming in certain areas. What are we paying for?


Ted Fulmore has a great quote from Mark Twain describing a river town which could have been New Albany. He also has pictures of the old wharf complete with places to tie up the old steamwheeler. He also has a list of future "happenings" in the next few months, including walking tours of our historic district. Check them out.


Rev. Manzo has a wonderful article about personal responsibility, from individuals to our businesses. He said that corporate responsibility is equally vital as personal responsibility. He quotes Genesis with the verse about Cain after he killed Abel. "Am I my brother's keeper?" Rev. Manzo responds, yes. Everyone should remember that and as he said "It is often fashionable to blame the poor on being poor but most often this was not a personal choice". How true.


The author of this article asked Hoosiers to attend a revolt at the State House in Indianapolis. They are protesting the idea of removing the caps from property tax. It promises to be a historic event. I am sure it will be. I wish them well in their endeavor. Maybe if enough people yell loud enough they will be heard.

I can't add much to these ideas. They all seem to have a theme of activism and personal responsibility though, which is what we need. As someone said the other day we need to get off of our collective butts and do something.