Thursday, November 18, 2010


Thursday's city council meeting began on a high note with the Mayor encouraging everyone to participate in the Holiday Fest on Saturday after Thanksgiving. He went on to say that it is good to see New Albany having parking problems.

He discussed combining the city and county 911 operators, this will have to be done by 2014 anyway.

He also suggested a meeting with the City and County Councils in addition to the Commissioners. Additionally, CM Benedetti asked for a cost analysis of the budget.

In regard to the Ordinance to disband the Historic Preservation Commission, he suggested forming a mediation committee of council members from each district, the council president, the building commissioner and 2 members of HPC.

The next speaker was Chief Bailey who said there are plans for forums on crime prevention planned for next year and the citizens police academy will be offered again.

There were several citizens speaking against G-10-21 the Ordinance Dissolving the Historic Preservation Commission... and one person speaking in favor.

The discussion between the council members was quite heated but eventually CM Gonder called for a vote: The first and second readings had the same result, 7 nays, 1 aye ( CM Price), and 1 abstain, (CM Coffey)

The other ordinances were handled swiftly and quietly: G-10-12 (Ord. to transfer $200,000 from the Cumulative Capital Improvement Fund to the General Fund passed 9-0
Z-10-05 The new medical building on the corner of Daisy Lane and Green Valley Rd. passed 5-4 after CM Messer changed his vote from abstain to aye.

I had commented on other blogs, etc. about the behaviour of some of the council members last night. I know everyone jokes about the city council meetings being a 3 ring circus, but last night I was truly ashamed of our council. The room was filled to capacity and it was a sad sight for all of us to see.