Friday, January 15, 2010


There have been two recent articles in the "Courier-Journal" about eliminating Township Trustees and the Advisory Board. This is another one of Daniel's ideas for "reform".

I have never worked with the Township Trustee's office but I have volunteered at Interfaith and have seen many people apply for help with their utility bills. These people visit the Interfaith office on a daily basis. Interfaith is limited to the amount they have to help these people and often refer them to the Township Trustee's office.

If we did not have a Township Trustee or Advisory Board (who determines the budget) where would these people go for help? The CJ article said they would be referred to "county government" whoever that is. It looks like the poor would be given the run around again, just like when they call the "Welfare" office for help with ADC payments or food stamps.

You can bet that these legislators, especially Rep. Bill Crawford, the author of this bill, has never had to apply for benefits or assist someone who has. I must agree with Rep. Craig Fry who said , "I think this is a horrible public policy." And tell Rep. Crawford that his idea, "This lets the people decide" and "This is about governing with the consent of those governed." is flawed because if the bill is worded as poorly as the one regarding the Township Assessors many will not understand it and will not vote the way they intended.

Let's not let Daniels win on this one. Please vote to keep our Township Advisory Board and Trustees. Don't let our disadvantaged citizens get the shaft again.