Sunday, April 26, 2009


Our second clean up of the West End was a great success. I want to thank the Padgett Co. for the use of their dumpsters, Matt Denison for coordinating everything along with Becky Roy and Pat Salisbury.

This time we had many kind people help us with our efforts. In addition to Becky and David Roy, Jimmy Graham, and Tim Goodwin who helped before, several residents from other parts of New Albany came and helped. They included Lloyd Wimp, Ted Fulmore, Councilman John Gonder, Pat Harrison, John Baird, Tyler Bottoms and Catie Hodges.

Everyone worked very hard, especially the men. I hate to say it but I was really outdone by the guys.

Even with the massive clean up going on downtown, these kind people came down to West 7th

We also appreciate Building Commissioner Ron Hartman and Street Dept. Commissioner Micky Thompson, and Councilman Jack Messer for stopping by to make sure everything was going OK.

Thanks again for the great effort, see you in the fall.
and Market to lend a hand.