Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I thought about making the usual New Year's Resolutions but decided to list New Year wishes instead. They are listed in no particular order. Just wishful thinking.

  1. For everyone to have health care, not the expensive kind with high deductibles, but the kind that pays for everything, like all of the other civilized countries have.
  2. For everyone who needs a job to find a good one. A job with a living wage and good benefits.
  3. For everyone to have a clean, safe home which they can afford.
  4. For New Albany to have working sewers and stormwater drains.
  5. For New Albany to repair all of it's unsafe and dilapidated homes.
  6. To have the Greenway project finished so everyone can walk along the riverbank safely.
  7. For the K & I Bridge to be opened for pedestrians.
  8. For the continuation of the revitalization of New Albany's downtown, including the Main St. Master Plan.
  9. To end the war in Afghanistan and bring our troops home.
  10. For people to quit trying to take "In God We Trust" off of our currency.