Tuesday, June 9, 2009


There was a lively blog discussion on another blog the other day about placing trash cans in different areas of the city. Some people liked the idea while others thought this would encourage more people to bring their trash to these areas and sometimes "miss" the trash cans resulting in
piles of trash on the ground.

Another thought was having the non-violent offenders at the Floyd County Jail pick up trash around town.

The idea of placing trash cans around town sounds good to me. Maybe people will get the hint and realize that people in this town want our town kept clean.

I also like the idea of offenders picking up trash. There was talk about the problem of liability and insurance. What if people were offered community service instead of jail time for minor, non-violent offences? This would help with our jail overcrowding and clean up our city at the same time.

Thoughts anyone?