Friday, June 12, 2009


I called Mr. Don Harshey, the Floyd County Director of Community Corrections today and left a message on his voice mail. He returned my call very quickly and gave me a lot of information about community service.

As it turns out these people are kept quite busy. Following is a list of some of the projects these people perform:

  • Upkeep on the Township cemeteries.

  • Clean up the parking lot behind the old Schmitt Furniture building (city owned property).

  • Pick up the driftwood and debris along the riverfront after a flood.

  • Maintain the area near the exit ramps from the expressways.

  • Upkeep along the Greenway.

  • Clean the outdoor enclosures for the animals at the shelter.

  • Work with the Code Enforcement Officer to clean out and board up abandoned houses.

  • Help the Veterans organizations and other non-profits.

  • Unload the trucks taking food to the Food Bank every Thursday.

He said this plan has been in effect for over twenty years. They do not go down Main St. and pick up candy wrappers because the prefer to have the workers do ongoing projects, especially for charitable organizations.

Mr. Harshey said that plans that work never get recognition but if there was a problem they would be all over the news, sad but true.