Saturday, March 27, 2010


Yesterday's Tribune had an article about Linden Meadows.

It seems the Sewer Board wants to waive the tap in fees for three homes at $1,650.00 each. This was per the request of Carl Malysz because he does not think the homeowners should be penalized.

Although I agree that the homeowners should not be forced to pay these fees that Community Housing defaulted on, I think these fees should be added to the cost of the property and the new owner pick them up.

If a developer is interested in purchasing the property, $4,950.00 would not be a deal breaker.
They would already be obligated for the tap in fees for future homes at $1,800.00 each.

That way the city does not lose any more money and the current homeowners are not forced to pay another fee after all of the problems they have had to endure the last few years.