Sunday, March 8, 2009


I was unable to attend the reorganization meeting yesterday at the Knights of Columbus, but with a vote of 45 to 24 my one vote would not have mattered anyway. Although I am disappointed that Marcey did not continue her role as party chair, I wish only the best for John.

I would also like to congratulate Stacy Deck, Tony Toran, and Sam Locke.

Another meeting which I was sorry to miss was the "Town Hall" session with Baron Hill. With health care being a major concern, Representative Hill and President Obama need to consider HR676, health care for all. I hope Mr. Hill will take our message back to Washington and persuade the president to quit listening to the insurance companies and start listening to the people. We just have to keep pushing.

I would appreciate feedback from anyone who attended either of these meetings mentioned above. I have not yet talked with anyone with first hand information.