Friday, March 16, 2012


The agenda was short but the Ordinances were extremely important.

G-12-04 The Master Plan Ordinance was not an easy decision.  Yes, it is  a huge amount of money, but it will be Spring in four days and we cannot put these repairs off any longer.  I have watched people stand at the podium for years and talk about flooding and even raw sewage flowing through their homes.  These will be large projects and they need to be paid for when they are completed, and they need to be completed ASAP. That is why I voted for this Ordinance, and I believe the other council members had the same (or similar) reasons.  It passed 9-0 on the first two readings and is expected to pass on the third.

G-12-13 The Audit Assistance Ordinance was not a difficult decision for me.  The State Board of Accounts has been telling us that we have problems for years.  The Auditors will be giving helpful information to get our accounts in order.  This also passed 9-0.

A-12-03 Spring St. Hill-Councilman Bob Caesar tabled this .  He is confident that the new report will be completed by our next meeting on 4/2/12.  If not, he is willing to table it again.

I know that many readers will disagree with my decisions but I am trying to do what is the best plan for New Albany and all of our citizens.