Thursday, September 16, 2010


I was a surprisingly short City Council meeting tonight. There was a news crew from Fox 41 News but they had nothing to report, so they packed up early.

The big news, of course, was G-10-18: The Ordinance setting salaries for the year 2011 for the Police and Fire Depts. The Council let the Administration know where they stood on this on. They noted NO. Mr. Zurschmeide was absent but the rest were all on the same page.

Up next was G-10-19 (non bargaining unit employees), this one was tabled.

Then we had the resident only parking areas ordinance G-10-01. Surprisingly, there was a lot of discussion on this one. It was finally tabled until the council can agree on the initial fee, fines for non-compliance, and other issues.

After that CM Messer motioned for adjournment, I don't know who seconded because everyone was making a bee line for the door, me included. The time was 8:29.