Tuesday, December 1, 2009


As promised, I attended the first meeting of a new group which is unnamed at present. We had a good crowd to start with, several people who are active in the community. The facilitator was Steve Pacciano, and he is very knowledgeable on the history of Indiana, Floyd County in particular.

Other attendees included, Rep. Ed Clere, Greg Sekula of 1 So. In., David Barksdale, County Historian, Carol Tobe, Save Our Knobs, Judy Martin & Laura Reynolds of Historic Landmarks, Vic McGinity of F.C.Historicl Society, Don Lopp, and Adam Dickey, Baron Hill's Representative. There were others also but these people were singled out by Steve.

The main focus tonight was to establish that a separate entity is needed for preservation. The group listed nearly 20 organizations already involved with preservation in one way or another. But none of these groups really fit the bill as an education resource or watchdog. So it was decided that a new non-profit organization is needed.

A committee of five people, sorry I did not get all of their names, will write the mission statement and report back to the rest of us on Feburary 2, 2010. Please save that date because we want to get more people involved. New Albany has already lost many historical sites and we need to keep the ones we still have.

Again, the next meeting will be Feb. 2, 2010 at 7:00PM at the Cardinal Ritter Home. See you there.