Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Ike is gone but the devastation remains. We finally had our power restored late yesterday afternoon after losing all of the food in our refrigerator and much of our freezer. I know this is a small loss compared to what other residents lost.

My niece and nephew, who live in Sellersburg, told me yesterday that their power may be off until Friday, they said Sellersburg is like a ghost town. And tragically a woman and baby were killed when a tree fell on their car.

My church's steeple was damaged by the wind shortly after we left Sunday. Thank God no one was there, I heard the bell crashed through the roof.

I don't know if this is a fact but I heard that Indiana-American Water wants the power to be turned off again for a time so all of the energy will be diverted to their plant so the water can be purified. If anyone has more information on this please comment. Hopefully if this happens it will be on a schedule and we the residents will be notified so we can prepare.

But through is all, I want to thank all of the street department employees for their quick removal of trees and limbs and the Duke Energy employees who worked so hard to restore our power.

I will leave this open for further comments from any readers who wish to post.