Friday, May 21, 2010


There was a lengthy but orderly meeting last night.

Carl Malysz started things off by representing the Mayor regarding the Greenway Project. There will be Federal matching funds if the city can provide approx. $1,225,000. It just so happens that there are funds left over from Phase 1 of the Scribner Project so it looks like we will have a walkway that extends past Loop Island and goes to Silver Creek.

Ed Wilkinson reported on the Sewer Board. He gave out reports to the council members showing the cash on hand in addition to the receipts and expenditures. He said the report was pretty straight forward since he is not a CPA. He added that the sewer liens are being paid but he does not have an exact amount now because the funds are being deposited in the bank. He promised more information later.

Although there were several Ordinances and Resolutions the rest of the meeting went smoothly for the most part. All members were present except for Mr. Caesar.

A-10-06 Additional Appropriation in an Amount of $350,000 From EDIT Fund to Build Handicapped Ramps in the City of New Albany. 2 readings
votes 7 yes, 1 no (Mr. Price)

G-10-13 Ordinance to allow the YMCA to refinance their bonds, the city is only the conduit and not financially involved. votes 8 yes, 0 no.

G-10-12 An Ordinance Establishing Certain Financial Controls and Reporting Requirements for the New Albany Municipal Sewer Utility. (Hire a CPA for the Sewer dept.)
7 yes, 1 no (Mr. Price)

R-10-11 Community Block Grant Program: show of hands 7 yes 1 no (Mr. Price)

R-10-12 Using redevelopment funds to help keep sewer rates down: show of hands 6 yes, 2 no
(Mr. Gahan and Mr. McLaughlin)

R-10-13 Use Riverboat funds transfer 2010 de-icing salt costs from the LRS Budget: show of hands 8 yes, 0 no.

R-10-14 Use Riverboat funds to purchase street sweeper. Will replace funds when tax revenue comes in : show of hands 8 yes, 1 no. (Mr. Price)


The meeting took place before the regular council meeting and it concerned sidewalk ramps for handicapped people. Here are the hi-lights:

  • Must be built by the same contractor and not with new money. The ramps were funded by part of the two million dollars appropriated in 2009. $643,932 was carried over and after paying the final bill for Gohmann paving there was $350,00 left over. ADA mandates that the ramps be up to code.
  • CDBG funds cannot be used because CDBG is for low income properties only.
  • The cost of each ramp is between $1,000 and $2,000. There will be 300 to 400 ramps built.
  • There will be a list of all ramps, locations and cost furnished per Mr. Coffey's request.