Friday, May 22, 2009


There was a marathon city council meeting last night, at least I felt like I had run a marathon, and all I did was sit there and take notes.

The council managed to pass 10 Resolutions and Ordinances and table one. That one of course was the sewer agreement changes with Georgetown. After listening to several residents, a council member, Billy Stewart, and two Commissioners, Steve Bush, and Chuck Frieberger, CM Zurschmeide rightfully tabled the Ordinance.

Among the Ordinances and Resolutions passed were R-09-10 authorizing the purchase of 8 new police cars, the Ordinance for additional appropriation of the EDIT Fund of $75,000, and the Ordinance amending the previous Ordinance regarding cleanliness of premises. This gives more strength to the Code Enforcement Officer.

The council also approved an amendment to the parking fee Ordinance raising the fee from $100 to $150 per year for downtown residents and business owners. And they will continue to collect old parking tickets. And CM Gonder's Resolution promoting the Smart Growth America Program passed 9-0.

All in all a busy and productive meeting without too much turmoil.