Tuesday, March 9, 2010


There was a discussion started on the last posting about the Tribune article concerning Indiana State Troopers patrolling downtown New Albany.

For the record I believe that anyone who drinks or uses any drug that hinders their ability and drives deserves to be pulled over and dealt with according to the law. And I do not believe anyone is above the law.

I can't help but wonder why the State Troopers find it necessary to patrol the streets downtown. In my opinion it makes it appear that our City Police are not doing their job. That bothers me a lot. I know our local police are patrolling all areas of New Albany, I see them all of the time. I know the Chief said he appreciated their help but frankly I think the State Police are better utilized patrolling the expressways and areas outside of the city.

And I feel that patrons of Studios and other downtown establishments may feel that they are being targeted. Even if a person has not been drinking the sight of a police car following them makes them feel very uneasy. I'm sure we all have had this feeling.

We are trying to build our downtown and we need patrons of our establishments. I wish the State Troopers would patrol the areas outside of the city and let our local police do their job.