Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The Mad As Hell Doctors came to Jeffersonville last night and were very inspiring. They spoke from personal experience of seeing patients put off needed medical care until it was too late because of lack of health care. They vowed to keep up the fight for single payer and we all cheered.

The rain stopped just before they arrived and there was a beautiful rainbow which reflected our mood. Maybe the clouds of confusion will disappear and Congress will recognize that 60% of the physicians and the majority of citizens want real health care reform.

I want to thank David Ross Stevens for his hard work in organizing this event. And I want to thank Mayor Galligan for his rousing speech in favor or single payer. Additionally I want to thank everyone who showed up in spite of the rain to walk across the bridge with candles and flashlights, signs, and even a coffin (a person dies every 12 seconds without health care) to show Kentuckiana that we are serious.

Please check out the Courier Journal on line, they have a great article and photo gallery.