Monday, January 4, 2010


The meeting began with a quick race for Council President, Mr. Price nominated Pat McLaughlin and Mrs. Benedetti nominated John Gonder. Mr. Gonder won 5-4 with Benedetti, Messer, Zurschmeide, Coffey, and himself voting for him. Mr. McLaughlin got the silver medal as VP.

After the committee members were appointed and/or voted in, the next order of business were the public communications. The parking permits were the main topic tonight. Jameson Bledsoe, Randy Bulleitt, and Vickie Nugent, all Uptown Neighborhood residents spoke in favor. They all discussed their own parking problems and said they would pay to have a designated spot in front of their homes. Randy Smith said he lives on the narrow part of Elm St. He questioned the the idea of having 20' per space considering some lots are only 35' wide. The council voted and decided to sent this Ordinance to committee.

There were a few issues discussed during the city official communications. Mr. Gahan said that A 09-21 (the $400,000 for the flood victims) would be back on the agenda for a 3rd reading at the next meeting.

Mr. Malysz, speaking for the Mayor, urged that A 09-22 also be added to the next agenda (this was the $2,000,000 from EDIT for the fire and police).

said this will be reviewed by the Rules Committee and the Mrs. Benedetti asked for a prompt decision on hiring a new attorney for the council. Mr. Gonderrecommendations will be considered by the council. Mr. Coffey stressed that a Floyd Co. resident will be preferable.

There was also much discussion on Resolution 10-01 concerning the Coyle property. The city has already spent approx. $50,000 for appraisals and an enviromental study and enlarging the TIF area will help to recoup these funds. This also has been sent to committee.

This is a very short summary but the meeting ended by 9:00 with no fireworks. But the year is still very young. Stay tuned.