Wednesday, August 13, 2008


After reading the Tribune today I am confused about the smoking ban. There was an article about council members Price, Bennedetti, and Messer visiting the 40 & 8 club to discuss the ban.

It was my impression that private clubs would be exempt from the ban. When did this change?

I was reluctant to write about this issue because as a non-smoker I didn't think it was my place to do so. But after hearing both sides I am inclined to agree with the opposition. While I agree that smoking should be banned in restaurants and work places in general, I think that bars and private clubs should be exempt.

Private clubs are just that, private property. If the members choose to smoke, that should be their right. And bars? As the article said, 90% of people who go to bars to drink will smoke also. I have seen people who do not normally smoke do so in bars.

Well, that is my opinion for whatever it's worth.

The next council meeting is next week. Readers, will you attend the meeting and do you plan to speak?