Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I guess by now everyone knows how we voted Monday.  Sorry to be posting at this late date but I have been very busy these last two days. 

I will list each Ordinance and Resolution in order and explain the reasons for my votes.

R-12-04 (Electronic devices for council members)
I was not in favor of this at the beginning.  I did not want the taxpayers to pay for an iPad or laptop that would be for my personal use.  Pres. Benedetti explained that the funds would come out of the council's budget which was already paying for paper, copiers, and even for the officers to deliver our packets.  When she explained that this expense would be less costly in the long run I changed my mind and voted yes.

G-11-13 (Audit Assistance) To me this was a no-brainer, especially when I was told that Charlie Pride of the State Board of Accounts approved.

A-12-03 (Spring St. Hill) This was not as easy to vote on.  Most of the council members (me included) want to see more information before making a final decision. 
  1. We want another Engineering Firm to re-evaluate the proposal
  2. We want to explore other options.
  3. We want to see how FEMA answers the second request for assistance.
I just want to say that everyone on this council takes their responsibility very seriously.  We all want to do what is best for you.  

Thank you for your comments, please keep them coming.