Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I will be so glad when November 6 is over.

David Matthews has another letter in the Tribune slamming Doug England. As they say "desperate times call for desperate measures". Obviously Mr. Matthews is desperate.

The funny thing is that I keep hearing how Randy Hubbard is not even interested in being the Mayor of New Albany. If this is true, why did he even enter the race?

I believe the voters need to give Mr. England another chance. He is not afraid to admit that he made mistakes in the past. In my opinion that shows more character than all of Mr. Matthews' rhetoric about his candidate. I also believe the majority of voters feel the same way as I do and Doug England WILL be our next Mayor.

Of course Shirley Baird's endorsement does not carry 1/1000th as much weight as Baron Hill's endorsement but I just had to have my say anyway.