Monday, January 3, 2011


Apparently most of the important business was settled in the 48 hours prior to tonight's meeting.  Jeff Gahan was the only nominee for Council President.  John Gonder took his gavel and name plate and resumed his previous spot between Diane Benedetti and Jack Messer.

After that there was a lot of discussion on which committee each member would serve.  It basically came out to about the same except that Diane Benedetti is off of  the Fire Dept. Committee and on the Police Dept. Committee.

A couple of contracts seem to be up for renewal, namely Mathew Lorch, the council attorney and Ed Wilkinson, the Stormwater Engineer.  It looks like both gentlemen will keep their jobs since they have done well and no one is eager to replace them.

Maybe our next meeting will have more on the agenda and thus be more entertaining.  There was a woman taping the meeting.  Unfortunately, I did not meet her or get her name but I was told that she is working on a documentary about local government and plans to tape the council meetings in the area.  Maybe next time we will give her a good show.