Friday, June 25, 2010


Happy Friday everyone.

Since my sinus infection still persists, I was not able to attend the special council meeting last night. Thanks to the "Tribune" though I was able to read the results. As you probably know, the annexation vote was defeated by one vote.

Again according to the "Tribune" annexing part of the Charlestown Rd. area will net the city $700,000 a year, sounds good to me. Since there will be another special meeting Tuesday I hope it does pass, providing all of the council members take the time to read the 21 page report and show up for the meeting.

Personally, I believe that if people are elected to an office they should show up for "work" and do their homework. Even if they do not support the item(s) on the agenda they should do their job. I'm not a speed reader but I think I can read 21 pages in less than 48 hours even with a full time job. This is why we voters elect people to office, not to skip meetings or complain about the lack of time to do research. If the council members think annexation will be good for the city they should vote yes, if they don't then they should explain why they voted no. I don't believe in voting no as a protest. If a person wants to protest about the lack of transparency they should do so in other ways, such as telling the administration members directly.