Friday, November 12, 2010


Those were the words John Wilcox used when I asked him about all of the rumors about he and the rest of the Central Committee.

I had asked other members previously but had not had the chance to ask John until last night. I was not able to speak to Sam Locke but John said Sam had not expressed any desire to quit either. John went on to say that next year's election should run more smoothly since only local candidates will be running and national issues will not play a big part. He added that people tend to get more involved with local elections.

We discussed how difficult it is to find people willing to help with campaigns. I must admit that I am guilty in that respect also. There is much more that I could have done had I taken the time. But I cannot fault the Central Committee. Those people worked their buns off this year.

Being a member of the Central Committee is an unpaid and (I'm sure) a thankless job. No matter to which party a person belongs.