Thursday, February 21, 2008


Mayor England appears to be committed to keeping one of his campaign promises according to the front page of today's Tribune. Many of us had complained about the terrible conditions of the streets and today he promised to repair the potholes that threaten to swallow our cars. I don't know what kind of "creative financing" he has in mind but hopefully he can pull a rabbit out of his hat.

Another article featured Carl Malysz's visit to the S. Ellen Jones Neighboorhood Association meeting. I am glad that he is taking the citizens concerns seriously, a sentiment which I know is shared by many others. At last it looks like the code enforcement laws will have the government to back them up. Now if we could just get the city to start a program for rental property. We need inspections for rental property with minimum standards for upkeep and fines for non-compliance. If we had such a plan and enforced it, the fines would go far to help clean up and fix up our city.

Speaking of beautification, it was sickening to read that some ignorant bums are trying to destroy our Greenway before it is even completed. I hope the increased security will stop this. I can't understand why some people always seem to want to destroy something beautiful. Hopefully the weather will change soon and more people will visit the Greenway. If there are enough witnesses the degregation will have to stop.

Hang in there New Albany, better days are ahead.