Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I have been very concerned about the Ordinance to dissolve the Historic Preservation Commission. Not that I am directly involved, living in an apartment complex not located in a historic district. But if we live in an historic home or not, all citizens of New Albany are involved.

There have been several historic buildings destroyed in the 1950's and 1960's, and several near misses.

When I was taking a tour of the Culbertson Mansion the tour guide told us that the home was almost torn down at one time. Can you imagine? Tearing down the Culbertson Mansion? And more recently, the Cardinal Ritter Home was saved from the wrecking ball.

I am not a member of the Historic Preservation Commission and I don't know all of the issues but I was told by a former member that their approval rate is 83 out of 84. I know there are a couple of citizens who have had problems but hopefully a compromise can be met.

As far as CM Price, the author of the Ordinance, I have known him for about seven years, and have always known him to be an honorable person. Even when we disagree, our disagreements are friendly and civil.

It appears that the meeting room in the City County Building will be crowded this Thursday. So if you plan to attend the meeting, get there early.