Tuesday, May 19, 2009


As we all know, there is a lot of planning on New Albany's agenda. The Lopp project in the west end, the New Horizons project downtown, the expansion of the Greenway and the Loop Islands.

All of this is very exciting but we are forgetting one important part of New Albany's demographic, our youth. The current Youth Shelter on Grantline Rd. is
still falling down and nobody is doing anything about it. It seems that eveybody is caught up in all of these shining new buildings and thinking about how that will increase their property value and make New Albany a more viable place to live. This is all true but our most vunerable children still live in squalor. The space currently occupied by the City-County Building is needed to expand the jail. Maybe if we help our children while they are still children we would not need so much space to house adult offenders. The Commissioners and the County Council really need to revisit this issue.