Friday, September 11, 2009


Don't forget, tomorrow is the New Albany Historic Home Tour. If you don't yet have your ticket, stop by the Farmer's Market and see David Barksdale, he will be happy to set you up. If you have purchased your ticket in advance, again go to the Farmer's Market for a map and further information.

There are 10 stops on the tour this year, and of course the tour is different than last year:

  1. Reel House #4 - 1006 State St.

  2. Jacob Bader Building, Apt 2 - 207 E. Main St.

  3. Jacob Bader Building, Apt 3

  4. Warren-Morrill House - 1309 E. Main St.

  5. Second Presbyterian Church - 1307 E. Elm St.

  6. Cardinal Ritter Birthplace - 1218 E. Oak St.

  7. Charles E. Richards House - 844 Cedar Bough Place

  8. The Glen Falls - 1946 Ekin Ave.

  9. Kiel-Heazlitt House - 2007 East Elm St.

  10. Louis I. Shrader House - 1825 E. Spring St.

The weather looks like it will be beautiful (thank you God). Hope to have a big crowd.

If you have any questions call Develop New Albany 941-0018 or go to