Friday, November 28, 2008


I am extremely upset over an article published in the Tribune 11/26/08 concerning our Township Assessor, Barbara Sillings. There was a special meeting of the Floyd County Council to determine Ms. Sillings future.

Since the majority of voters decided to eliminate her office she has been in limbo concerning her status. What bothered me about the article was the way she was portrayed as either a petulant child or a greedy politician. She is neither. Barbara Sillings is an honorable person who would not draw a paycheck for doing nothing.

Larry McAllister, the President of the council was quoted as saying, "I know she wants to work because she wants to run for office again." He went on to say, "I know she would not take a salary and not work, her political future would be in jeopardy." Please, Mr. McAllister, I don't think you meant that the way it sounded. That would imply that Ms. Sillings would draw a salary and not work if it were not her intention to run for office in the future.

Another disturbing part of the article was how Ms. Sillings and Ms. Egge were told to work things out. We are talking about two office holders here, not two kids on a playground. Ms. Sillings and Ms. Egge are adults, Mr. McAllister. They will be able to work together and get through these next two years with with a positive attitude.

I respect Ms. Sillings a great deal. She handled her loss election night with dignity and grace and will continue to act the same way during the rest of her term in office.