Monday, December 14, 2009


There was an article in Saturday's Tribune about the proposed baseball and softball complex. This "Field of Dreams" as it is called would be built behind Home Depot and cost $10 million dollars.

I must agree with Councilmen Messer and Price that this is not a high priority. Yes our children need such a facility but this need is not urgent, I consider it more of a want.

Want we need to do is get off of our collective behinds and build a youth shelter. Our children are living in conditions that I'm sure none of us would want to live in. They are there because conditions at home are even worse!

These are our (Floyd County) children also. And although they may benefit from the "Field of Dreams" also, they need a decent place to live first. I cannot understand why they are made to wait. A new home for our kids would cost a lot less than 10 million, and this is a high priority.

Please, New Albany and Floyd County, won't you work together and make this happen?