Tuesday, February 10, 2009


There have been a few comments regarding the neighborhood forum scheduled for tomorrow night. One poster asked "Why bother?" another poster seemed excited about going and mentioned that the "Silent Majority" will not remain silent.

To answer the question of why bother?, Why NOT BOTHER. Maybe there is some apathy, or a lot of apathy here in town but we need to stop just talking among ourselves and tell the people who run this city how we feel and what needs to be done. The Mayor and City Council are elected officials and they know we can "talk" with our votes.

I liked the comment from the poster talking about the Silent Majority and how they will not remain so. We need someone to jump start this town and wake up our sleeping citizens.

I was jealous when I read the article about Jeffersonville and all of the improvements they have made. New Albany is a prettier town after all, at least I think so. We have to quit being the sleepy little river town and liven up. And no I don't mean that we need more strip bars either. We need to encourage new businesses and support the businesses which are already established. We can't sit around and wait for the President to drop a few crumbs from his table. There are too many other towns with their hands out and some are even worse off than us, Elkhart for instance.

Please attend this forum if at all possible and attend as many council meetings as you can.