Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The council approved the Resolution to proceed with the process of annexation.

There were several issues but the summary is this:

  • The 219 acres contain mainly commercial property and very few residents. This makes it easier to annex since there is no need for an annexation committee to oversee the funds received.
  • CM Messer said the police will not be overburdened since the "crime" will mainly consist of parking violations and speeders, and a few shoplifters.
  • The Grantline Rd. firestation will be the main source of fire protection with the Twin Oaks station being the backup.
  • Northside Christian Church was not annexed because churches are tax exempt and will generate limited revenue plus there was concern about the number of people who would be included in the annexation.
  • The $700,000 gained by the city will not be a loss to the county because the property taxes are based on value. The taxes are layered in such a way that the county will still receive it's share and the city will receive the rest.