Monday, January 25, 2010


I don't know about you, but I am getting a little tired of hearing about how "dirty" and "ugly"New Albany is. Neighborhood groups have had cleanups and several people have "adopted" a corner to keep them cleaned up. Are just a few people trying to clean things up and the rest going back and making a mess?

Mr. Lopp has said that he has wanted a Cracker Barrel located near the I-64 exit for 16 years. I had heard rumors about this for the past few years but never knew why it didn't materialize. Has he informed the Mayor's office and our Code Enforcement Officer? Has he made a public plea to the residents? Has he considered hiring a crew to make this area more attractive?

He also complained about the condition of East Spring St. where people arrive from Clarksville. I wonder if the East Spring Neighborhood Association is aware of this?

I think we have done a lot to make our city more attractive in the last few years. And yes, a large retail chain store would probably bring more traffic to downtown. I hate the thought of these hard working small business owners going under for lack of customers. I don't see the need for a chain restaurant in our downtown though. It seems that it would take business away from our locally owned restaurants.

Obviously I don't have the answers but I would love to know what we can do to keep our city on the path we have started and to become the great city I know we can be.