Sunday, December 21, 2008


Gov. (not my man) Mitch Daniels has decided to "streamline" government.

According to a Tribune article by Rick Callahan Daniels wants to eliminate the three county commissioners and replace them with one county administrator who will appoint the county treasurer, recorder, assessor, surveyor and coroner. And commissioner Steve Bush agrees with him. Mr. Bush thinks this will help insure that we will have qualified candidates.

As for myself, I cannot think of any way to make Floyd County become more corrupt. If one person has that much power how can they stay honest? No matter how good one's intentions, we all know that power corrupts.

We the citizens should decide which candidates will hold these positions. The last thing we need is less power for the citizens. It is bad enough that our Federal Government still has the Electoral College. Floyd County has a lot of concerned people who take an active part in our elections. We should not be forced to live in Daniels' little fiefdom.

Let's not let this happen.