Thursday, March 12, 2009


I just read Roger Baylor's article in the Tribune, "It Shan't Happen Here", and was a little depressed at first. Then I thought, YES WE CAN!

He said that there is a lot of negativity in New Albany, I can't argue with that but I don't think the majority of people are negative. The loudest voices are always the ones heard so that is why he hears them say "It just can't be done here -- and you are a fool to even try."

He says that we New Albanians hate ourselves. I respectfully disagree. I'm not wanting to start a battle but I don't believe the majority of us are self loathing naysayers. Call me "Pollyanna" if you want but I believe the majority of us DO want to improve our city. Look at the number of neighborhood associations that have been started in the last four or five years. Look at the number of people who attended the meeting at the YMCA Tuesday. Although it was disappointing that only one council member showed up.

But besides that, let's prove Mr. Baylor wrong. Let's start an "I love New Albany Campaign" and work to improve our town, starting with keeping the garbage off of the streets and sidewalks.

Summer is coming, let's have a few festivals. Mr. Yoder said they have one almost every week in Newport. We can at least have one a month, even it is small. Let's clean up, fix up, paint our fences, plant a few flowers, whatever it takes. And show everyone that we are proud to be citizens of New Albany.