Monday, June 28, 2010


After posting the previous topic about annexation I have read your comments and talked to a few people.

The previous article was written in haste without a lot of thought about the ramifications of annexation. Several questions have come to mind which I would like to share at this time. As always your comments and concerns are welcome. All I ask is that everyone keep on topic and do not result to name calling.

  1. If the city will gain approx. $700,000 from the annexation, will the county lose by that amount?
  2. Since the city will lose $40,000 in sewer revenue will our rates go up? Remember the meeting where Mr. Skomp was asked about that and Mr. Fifer said there would have to be a re-negotiation?
  3. What about property tax rates? Aren't they different for the city and the county?
  4. Will this area be incorporated into an existing district? Or will it become District 7? If so how will it be represented?
  5. How can an area be annexed but property inside this area be excluded ie. Northside Christian Church?
  6. Since our police and fire departments are already stretched to the limit, how will the new area of the city be protected? Will a new fire station be needed? If so, how will this be funded?

As I said after careful consideration and reading every one's comments on the previous article, and talking with people who are not on the councils, or hold political offices, these questions came to mind. So far I have not heard clear answers. I know the special council meeting Tuesday is to get the ball rolling but I think we citizens need to ask these questions and I'm sure more that I have not thought of. After all it is our money that will be used. When I wrote the previous article I wanted to start a dialogue. I know I came out in favor of the annexation but now I am having doubts and I think my doubts are justified.