Thursday, September 30, 2010


Tonight the City Council had scheduled a special meeting regarding the annexation of the Charlestown Rd. area. As the "Tribune" stated, the Mayor asked for the ordinance to be tabled for an indefinite period of time. The paper said he wanted to postpone the ordinance until an effective date of 2013, but Mr. England said he wanted a postponement until 2014. I don't know which date he actually meant. I guess we'll just have to go with what the "Tribune" said.

The Council did table the ordinance after a lengthy discussion. Mr. Price was concerned about the budget for the police department. After the annexation, there will be a need for additional officers. This will play havoc with our budget. He is also concerned about the number of people losing their homes due to the economy. He said New Albany may eventually be a city of tents. He also took exception to the Mayor's comment about how the Council "trashes" the police department and accuses them of overspending. Mr. England and Officer Haub, President of the FOP, agreed that the police are not given the budgeted amount needed. Things got a little heated after the meeting.

The other item on the agenda concerned the salaries for the non-bargaining employees. The ordinance was amended to state that no promotions or salary increases were allowed and no new hires. This passed 6-1, Mr. Price voted no, and Mr. Caesar and Mr. Messer were absent.