Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Congratulations to all of the Floyd County winners of the May 6 Primaries. And to the runners up, I think everyone did well, many of the races were very close, and everyone ran a fine race. Most of the Republication races were unapposed with the exception of the County Council At Large.


County Council At Large

Larry M. Summers
Dana Fendley
Harry T. Harbison

Superior Court Judge No. 1
(no candidate)

Superior Court Judge No. 2
Chris Lane (unapposed)

Superior Court Judge No. 3
Richard R. Fox (unapposed)

County Recorder
Lois Naville Endris (unapposed)

County Treasurer
Linda L. Berger (unapposed)

County Coroner
John Patrick Click (unapposed)

County Surveyor
William B. Gibson (unapposed)

County Commissioner Dist. 2
Davd Matthews (unapposed)

County Commissioner Dist. 3
Steve Bush (unapposed)


County Council At Large

Randy Stumler
Carol Shope
Ted Heavrin

Superior Court Judge No. 1
Susan L. Orth

Superior Judge No. 2
Glenn G. Hancock (unapposed)

Superior Judge No. 3
Maria Granger

County Recorder
Darlene S. McCoy (unapposed)

County Treasurer
Bette A. Buechler (unapposed)

County Coroner
Leslie E. Knable

County Commissioner Dist. 2
Chuck Frieberger (unapposed)

County Commissioner Dist. 3
Dennis O. Roudenbush (unapposed)


School Board At Large
Patricia Badger-Byrd

School Board Member Dist. 3
Neal Allen Smith

School Board Member Dist. 4
Rebecca Gardenour (unapposed)

I want to personally thank everyone who ran for office. It is a difficult path to follow and extremely stressful. But we are lucky in Floyd County to have to many people willing to step up and do this important public service for our community. In my opinion you are all winners.