Friday, May 29, 2009


There have been several news releases about this event but I just want to remind everyone because this is so important. There will be a health care seminar at IUS in the Hoosier Room tomorrow from 8:30 to 12:30. Yes, I know this is early for a Saturday morning but I can guarantee that this is worth it.
The impressive list of speakers include:

Representative John
Conyers (D-Mich) author of House Bill 676.

Representative John
Yarmouth (D-KY) one of 88 congressional co sponsors of the bill.

Dr. Claudia
Fegan of Chicago, past president of PNHP.

Dr. Rob Stone of
Bloomington, state director and founder of Hoosiers for a Commonsense Health Plan.

On a personal note, I joined this group because I felt sorry for the uninsured people including members of my family and friends. I felt fortunate to have "good" insurance (Anthem) which was provided by my employer. Of course over the years the premiums have increased drastically and so my employer was forced to select a lower level of coverage. It was either that or ask the employees to contribute to a portion of the premiums.

I had a real wake up call a few days ago. I had out-patient surgery on April 30. No big deal, right? Not until I received my bill from Floyd Memorial that is. After Anthem paid the hospital approximately $5,000 and the hospital wrote off around $4,000 I was left with a bill of $2,367.25 or
only $2,130.53 if paid before June 13. Needless to say I don't anticipate benefiting from the 10% discount. It just goes to show, you might think you have decent coverage until something happens, then you realize you don't have such great insurance. I know, I work as a medical biller and should have checked out my policy beforehand. But I'm just like a lot of other people. I don't think about something until it happens. Besides, I had little choice, my gallbladder was screaming "get me out of here".

So please come to the seminar tomorrow and hear the truth about single payer health care, not the propaganda on TV and in the papers.