Sunday, October 10, 2010


Floyd County Council candidate, Jim Frieberger answered my inquiry about the LOIT tax. With his permission I am posting his email.

"After having talked to numerous voters in my District, an overwhelming majority do not want a new tax passed at this time. So I have committed, as my opponent, not to vote in favor of the LOIT Tax if it resurfaced. In articles I have read, close to 50% of the people are being affected by the current economic downturn right now. Either them or their spouses being unemployed, having their hours reduced, taking a pay cut, or at the least, having a pay freeze, which doesn't allow them to keep up with current inflation levels. A majority of the people are cutting back during this downturn and feel that the Government should do so as well. They feel that the Council and County Government need to stay within their budget for now and unfortunately, make the tough decisions necessary to continue staying within their budget until the economy improves."

"I am hoping with my financial background and experience, I will be better equipped than my opponent to look a the currenct office budgets and try to find the best way to support the offices or programs that are essential to the county. One thing I would like to try to look into is the County Council itself being offered full Healthcare benefits for them and their family. I don't think this is reasonable for a position that is only a part-time job. This is the type of item I would like to dig into and see if there are some savings I can find for the county. We also have some tremendous inefficiencies in the County Sheriff Department due mainly to the overcrowding and ineffective lay-out of the jail. We are spending too much money on Deputies to guard prisoners when looking at typical guard to prisoner ratio's for the state, but we are being forced into for safety issues as well as keeping down our liability risk issues. We really need to push for building a new jail and using those funds that would be saved on Deputy salaries to be used for other public safety purposes."

He also added:

"I was disappointed with the Courier Journal article because it only covered about one fourth of our interview. It dropped all of my issues about the economy and me against voting in favor of a new LOIT Tax but that's what led into my support of pushing for a new jail because it is the greatest opportunity for cost savings for the county that can be used for other safety issues or projects. I think the editor didn't have enough space since he was covering three races instead of one as in his other articles (which I feel was a disservice to all of the candidates) and that he was trying to differentiate Dana Fendley and myself as much as he could."

Mr. Frieberger asked how I stood on this issue. If I have not made it clear before I will say again that I am also against the LOIT Tax. I know the city and county are in financial trouble but we must look for ways to cut expenses at this time. We taxpayers are in a financial bind ourselves and we don't need additional cuts to our net pay.