Monday, September 21, 2009


The Mad as Hell Doctors Road Tour will be in our area tomorrow. They will arrive in Louisville around 11:30 and meet with various single payer and health care reform advocates on Main St. near the Center for the Arts.

The big event will be at 7:00 tomorrow night when the doctors join the KNHP and HCHP groups,
Kentuckians and Hoosiers for common sense health care reform. There will be a candle light vigil and walk across the Clark Memorial (Second St.) Bridge.

The MAH doctors come from Oregon and they are crossing the country on their way to Washington DC. They have put up their own money to fund this trip but they will gladly accept donations. These physician/advocates, Drs. Samuel Metz (Anesthesiology), Joe Eusterman (Retired Internal Medicine/Occupational Medicine), Eugene Uphoff, (Family Medicine), Paul Hochfeld (Emergency Medicine, producer of "Health, Money and Fear") and Mike Huntington (Retired Radiation Oncology, co-convener Oregon PNHP) are serious about single payer. By the way PNHP stands for Physicians for a National Health care Plan. Information taken from the Progressive Democrats of America web site-

When you consider that per the lastest Harvard study 45,000 people die per year for lack of health insurance and 60% of bankruptcies are because of medical bills it's time to get serious.

Please join us tomorrow night on the Indiana side of the bridge. Please bring a candle and a flashlight, and rain gear. See you tomorrow.