Monday, May 14, 2012


The agenda for the May 7th meeting was pretty extensive, resulting in a "marathon" meeting which lasted until 10:45. This is how it went:

R-12-06 Resolution of the Common Council of the City of New Albany Concerning the CBDG FY2012 One-Year Action Plan -Zurschmeide passed 9-0 This was a plan to allocate the Community Block Grant

R-12-07 Resolution concerning Statement of Benefits for Globe Mechanical, Inc By the Common Council of New Albany - Caesar Passed 9-0 (Tax Abatement)

A-12-06 Ordinance for the Appropriation to Unsafe Building Fund from Rainy Day Fund - Zurschmeide 1 & 2 ($130,000 for demo and $20,000 for grass cutting) Passed 8-0, 1 abstention

G-12-08 Ordinance Establishing a Separate General Fund Checking Account and to End Unnecessary Commingling of Funds - Zurschmeide 1 & 2 Passed  9-0

G-12-09 Ordinance for the  Transfer of Funds to Reimburse Edit Fund for 2011 Shortfall Disbursements - Coffey 1 & 2  Passed 9-0

A-12-10 Ordinance for Appropriation of Edit Money for the Purchase of Police Vehicles - Blair 1 & 2
Passed 7-2 This was for the purchase of 17 new police vehicles. CM Benedetti, and CM
Zurschmeide voted against this on the first 2 readings.  There will be more discussion on this before the 3rd reading, I will not be voting for this many new police cars. 

A-12-03 Appropriation for Spring St. Hill road repairs - Caesar 3 Passed 6-3. CM McLaughlin, CM Blair and I voted against.

G-12-05 the Pars Dept Inter local agreement As you know, the veto was unfortunately upheld.

The Agenda for May 17 is much shorter but will still have a lot of discussion.

R-12-08 A Resolution Urging the Federal Highway Administration in Regards to the Ohio Bridges Project, to Recommend Building the East End Bridge Immediately and Deny Tolling on Interstate 65....... - Gonder

G-12-08 - ...Separate General Fund Checking Account... - Zurschmeide 3

G-12-09 - ...Reimburse Edit Fund... -  Coffey 3

A-12-10 - ...Police Vehicles... Blair 3